Welcome to Baton Rouge Animal Hospital

The Baton Rouge Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Mike McElveen, he is affectionately known as Dr. Mike. He runs a full service primary care day facility with Dr. Bolden. It is one of the most popular, respected and trusted facilities in the area. When calling for an appointment, advice, or coming into the clinic you will happily be greeted by our Practice Manager/ Vet Tech, Stephanie Charles BSN, to assist you and your pet in any way she is able. Over the years our veterinarians have treated thousands of canine, feline and some exotic patients and have seen and diagnosed virtually every sickness and ailment known to affect animals. Our veterinary team has also performed numerous surgeries saving pet’s lives and allowing them to have more time with the families that love them.

All of Baton Rouge Animal Hospital’s clients love and trust our veterinarians with their pets because they know the staff will always put the animal’s best interest first. Our team will thoroughly explain to their clients the pet’s diagnoses, condition and offer the very best treatment options. Drs. McElveen and Bolden have cared for and treated some very serious cases over the years, some involving cancer as well as other very grave conditions. They have treated patients with chemotherapy and other radical forms of treatment with great success. The clinic is also a full service pet pharmacy and full service modern lab.

Until recently Dr. Mike McElveen has run Baton Rouge Animal Hospital as a sole practitioner but he found someone he could place his beloved clients and pet’s health in, and that is Dr. Bolden. Dr. Christien Bolden is loved by pets and client’s alike. He has brought an amazing energy and an incredible amount of knowledge with him to work with Dr. Mike to further assist in incredible care of all the animals that have been with Baton Rouge Animal hospital as well as new patients.

Drs. Mike and Bolden provide all the regular services that you might find at most veterinarian practices but with a few very important additions. In the evening after the day clinic closes, at 5:00pm at the same location a fully functioning and fully staffed pet emergency room opens. The Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Hospital has been trusted for years by many local veterinarians who turn their phones over to them nightly and every weekend.